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Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague - FAMU, established in 1946 and built by the efforts of the most important Czech filmmakers of the time, is one of Europe’s oldest film schools. In early 1960’s, it served as an incubator for young artists who subsequently became famous as the Czechoslovak New Wave.  It was the greatest contribution to the world’s cinematography until then, and it earned Czechoslovakia – inter alia – two Oscars for Best Foreign Films. 

FAMU is a founding member of the International Association of Film and Television Schools (CILECT),  European League of Institutes of the Arts (ELIA), European Grouping of Film and Television Schools (GEECT) and European Film Academy, and an institutional member of the Czech Society for Film Studies (CEFS). FAMU plays an important role in involving its teachers and researchers in international professional organisations, and collaborates with Czech Television and foreign television companies as well. FAMU is also an institutional member of the Association for Film and Audiovisual Education.

FAMU has six accredited study programs and eleven departments teaching 12 programs in Czech and 4 programs in English. The Departments are as follows: Department of Directing (KR), Department of Cinematography (KK), Department of Documentary Film (KDT), Department of Production (KP), Department of Editing (KSS), Department of Photography (KF), Department of Sound (KZT), Department of Animated Film (KAT), Department of Scriptwriting and Dramaturgy (KSD), Audiovisual Study Centre (CAS) and FAMU International (FI).



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