Success of KSD at the Muriel 2018 Awards

Success of KSD at the Muriel 2018 Awards

The Czech Academy of Comics announced the results of the Muriel 2018 Awards for comic books that the Academy organises on Thursday 24 January 2019. The Šmelhaus comic book resulting from the collaboration between the students of KSD FAMU and the Studio of Illustration and Graphics of UMPRUM won the Magnesia Prize category for the best student comic book.

“A collective project, Šmelhaus is intriguing primarily for its concept of interconnecting various stories using the environment of an old house. The publication is a mosaic of people’s lives on one side and a festival of various artistic approaches of the participating authors on the other. The result is an extremely attractive collection of comic stories with an undisputed ability to surprise the readers.”

In particular, the co-authors of Šmelhaus are the following students of screenwriting and dramaturgy: Štěpánka Ansorge, Klára Bělorová, Lukáš Csicsely, Veronika Dvorská, Eliška Kováříková, Lucie Kryzová, Lucie Palkosková, Barbora Saxová, Jaroslav T. Miška, Václav Pata; and UMPRUM students: Natalia Alekseeva, David Babka, Zuzana Bramborová, Jindřich Janíček, Kateřina Kozáková, Anna Mengerová, Jakub Plachý, Alica Raticová, Barbora Satranská, Tereza Šiklová, Sofie Tobiášová, Timon Vader, and Kateřina Volfová.

We extend our congratulations also to Vojta Mašek, a KSD teacher and former KSD student. He won the Best Comic Book Award and the Best Screenplay Award for his comic book, Sestry Dietlovy (Dietl Sisters). He also won the Czech Academy of Comics Award for his comic book Svatá Barbora (St. Barbara).

Winners of the annual comic book Muriel Awards for 2018

28. January 2019