Faculty officials, Committees

The Statutes and composition of the IEC are governed by art. 11, Rules in the System of Ensuring Quality of Educational, Creative and Related Activities and Internal evaluation of the Quality of Educational, Creative and Related Activities of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

Chairperson: Mgr. Michal Šimůnek, Ph.D.
MgA. Karolína Davidová
Mgr. Zdeněk Holý
BcA. Petr Michal
PhDr. Václava Moravce, Ph.D. et Ph.D.
Mgr. Eva Papoušková
Mgr. Hana Křepelková Rezková
Doc. Mgr. Marek Vajchr

IEC Clerk: Lada Buzická

The internal evaluation committee in particular:

a) coordinates self-evaluations and internal quality assessments of the educational and creative activities of the relevant AMU faculty,

b) compiles summary reports on the assessment of quality of the educational and creative activities for the faculty concerned,

c) checks compliance of study program completion with the applicable accreditation,

d) may be contacted in the competence of an advisor to the faculty’s Internal Evaluation Board and Art Committee in the discussion of proposed accreditations of new study programs or re-accreditations of existing study programmes.   

e) may participate in the internal evaluation of other activities of the faculty concerned, based on the Dean’s suggestion or authorisation by the Board.


Jan 14: proposal by the Internal Evaluation working group for Directing in the presence of the Department of Directing representatives, Summary Report of the FAMU Internal Evaluation Committee for academic year 2017/2018, definition of internal evaluation of the study program in Winter Semester 2019/2020

Sep 23: discussion on the final report from the internal evaluation of the Direction subject, updated methodology of internal evaluation, preparation of the internal evaluation of the Cinematography subject, preparation of this year's evaluation questionnaires, role of student ambassadors

The next meeting of the Committee will be convened as needed.


Jan 18: first meeting of FAMU IEC. Introductory presentation by Vice-Rector Daniela Jobertová and Methodologist, Tomáš Langer, member contracts, allocation of work in sections and preparation of the Final Report wording

Jan 29: reading of members’ reports for the main and by-sections, formulation of the joint introduction wording

Feb 22: finishing the summary report on FAMU self-evaluation in academic year 2016 - 2017

Mar 21: round table of FAMU IEC members, Department Heads, programme sponsors and student ambassadors (click HERE for the minutes)

Apr 6: formulation of the wording of FAMU Self-Evaluation Questionnaire for 2018

May 25:  finishing the FAMU 2018 Questionnaire, fine-tuning the methodology for internal evaluation of CAS FAMU and appointment of work group members

Oct 5: handing the agenda over to new members, information on internal evaluation of CAS FAMU, finishing the methodology for study programme evaluation. The methodology will be presented to Department Heads, programme sponsors, Department secretaries and student ambassadors on Nov 7, 2018 at 11:30 in U7

Dec 14: Self-Evaluation Questionnaires – distribution of work in sections and preparation of the wording of the final report, discussion of CAS internal evaluation, IAC Chairman’s proposal, proposed internal evaluations of the programs in 2019