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For students, staff and the public

Everyone may visit us although we are here primarily for our students and teachers. Our collections are available to the public solely in the library.

Due to the current situation our doors stay closed with the start of the new year . In urgent and necessary cases, you can write to us (knihovna.famu@famu.cz) and we will prepare books and films for the contactless handover.


OPEN HOURS (from 4 January)

Monday         closed

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Attention – the Catalogue does not include the records of the video collection; this is only available in the catalogue in the Library.

Entry to DSpace (repository of final AMU theses)

In the AMU repository of bachelor's, master's and doctoral theses DSpace only metadata are freely accessible (only records of qualifying works, not their full-text versions). The full texts of theses (after 2006) are made accessible in DSpace after standard logging into the AMU computer network. Older theses (before 2006) are made accessible for on-site reading only in the FAMU library on selected PCs. In the FAMU library, in accordance with Licence Agreement and the Copyright Act, also printed bachelor's and master's scenarios, which you can find in the library catalog, are made accesible for on-site reading.


JSTOR - Arts & Sciences III
Access from AMU
Access from computers outside AMU
About the Database

MUBI - online streaming service dedicated to auteur and quality cinema. Every day, a new movie is added to this ever-changing collection, and subsequently available for unlimited viewing for 30 days. MUBI also contains detailed and continuously updated film database, and encourages it’s users to discuss their favorite movies and filmmakers with other film enthusiasts from all around the world. Available for free for all FAMU teachers and students alike. NOTICE:There might be an issue when signing to MUBI via student mail (@st.amu.cz). If this happens, please write to MUBI support (support@mubi.com). After verifying your student ID, MUBI will enable you access manually.
Login/registration for students
Login/registration for teachers

Free e-resources and other useful links

Google Scholar web search engine that indexes the full text or metadata of scholarly literature (peer-reviewed online academic journals, books, conference papers, theses, dissertations and other scholarly literature)

Open Research Library (ORL) a multidisciplinary full-text digital library of producer Knowledge Unlatched

Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB) a multidisciplinary database for accessing peer-reviewed scientific e-books published in open access mode

Theses.cz Register of theses of higher education institutions of the Czech Republic. Full texts are published individually in local repositories of individual universities in accordance with the licensing policy of individual universities

Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD) distributed digital library of theses from around the world

DART-Europe E-theses Portal digital library of theses in Europe


FAMU Library

Smetanovo nábř. 2, 116 65 Praha 1
1st floor of the Lažanský palace

Library and Videotheque (circulation desk): 234 244 313
Head of Library: 234 244 312
Office 2: 234 244 314
e-mail: knihovna.famu@famu.cz

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Služby knihovny
Fondy knihovny
Koncepce akvizice

The FAMU Library provides services to AMU students and teachers in particular; however, it is also open to the public depending on capacity and within the scope of the Library Rules and Regulations and the relevant Addenda thereto.

People intending to loan items may request registration at any Faculty Library within AMU. All you need to do this is your AMU ID card. A user category determining the user’s specific rights must always be assigned. The registration is free of charge. The user must read the Library Rules and Regulations and the Addenda thereto upon registration.

Cooperating specialist institutions or staff may also loan items within the stipulated mode. In such a case, the Library shall issue a special ID card.  

In specifically stipulated cases, some documents may carry a requirement for a deposit to be made.


The collections of the FAMU Library amount to almost 40,000 units in free selection mode: general as well as special encyclopaedias, works on the history of cinematography, film theory, criticism and technology, theory, techniques and history of photography, dramaturgy and scriptwriting, management, art, aesthetics, philosophy, psychology and teaching, literary theory and fiction, textbooks, dictionaries, vintage magazines in the field, films for study purposes, video records. Every year, there are subscriptions to about 30 magazines, both Czech ad foreign.

  • Over 21,500 books, textbooks and bound specialist magazines
  • Over 4,500 university theses
  • Over 3,000 videotapes
  • Over 12,350 DVDs
  • Over 1,300 BDs
  • Over 1,560 video files
  • 17 CD ROMs

Records of all FAMU Library collections are available in the electronic catalogue.


  1. In TRITIUS, the electronic catalogue which is accessible on-line (at any time, from anywhere) at AMU website, Library section. You can restrict your search to your Faculty Library, or search the entire AMU catalogue. You can search by: general type of document, document type, author, translator, actor, presenter, name, keywords, publisher etc. Queries allow specification and combination. See the Search Instructions for more details. The Library also offers individual tutorials where you can learn to work with the catalogue hands-on. 
  2. In free selection mode – books in shelves: Each field: FILM, PHOTOGRAPHY, LITERATURE, ARTS and SOCIAL SCIENCES is further divided into sub-groups in the shelves: Monographs – sorted by people (photographer, film artist, visual artist etc.). History – sorted by names or relevant territories (national cinematographies). Theory – sorted by names. Technology – sorted by names. Textbooks (in all fields) – sorted by names.

    Please do not put back books you have taken off the shelf but do not wish to take home; put such books on the nearest table.


  • The FAMU Library catalogue contains almost 58,000 items of various document types (books, magazines, DVDs, CDs, plays, …)
  • Allows you to check the status of your loans, reservations, fines etc.
  • Allows you to make reservations and prolong your loans from anywhere
  • Allows you to restrict your search to any of the AMU Faculty Libraries
  • And a lot of other things – come and learn more in your Library!


  • Books
  • University theses and other scientific works
  • Bound periodicals
  • Films on videotapes, DVD, BLU-RAY and in digital video files

The video record catalogue is accessible SOLELY from the computers in the Videotheque!

Get all the item codes once you have found your requested video recording. Remember to make sure the document is available.

For books, make a note of the shelf and name of the book, not the code!

You can also make a reservation or prolong a document remotely if you sign on to CARMEN (signing on is identical to signing on to AMU network). Fiction and magazines must be ordered from storage; these will be available on the next day. Theses and scientific works are accessible in the hard copy, or digital form only in the library study room in compliance with the applicable regulations.

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