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Organisational Structure

The Image-Recording Technology Cabinet (KOT) forms a part of the Cinematography Department. The Cabinet focuses on teaching subjects related to the theory and practice of film techniques and technology, TV and digital cinematography. The training area extends over a wide range of classes in the fields of photographic process theory, exponometry, optics, laboratory film processing, VFX techniques, colorimetry, digital technology. Lectures are accompanied by a system of practical exercises completed mostly in the laboratory of the Cabinet. KOT is regularly involved in the handling of technical problems arising in relation to the practical student exercises through expert consultation and measurements.

The equipment of the Cabinet allows photometric measurements on optical bench using light standards – photometric equipment checks and calibrations (light meter, exposure meter, luminance meter), as well as densitometry measurements and sensitometry test evaluations. The Cabinet has a laboratory-grade spectrophotometer used to calibrate film and digital projections and measure sources of light.

No less important is the specialist consultation and advisory service provided to creative and technical staff members alike in the fields of photometry, sensitometry, colorimetry, lighting technology, recording equipment and post-production cinematographic technology.