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The Head of FAMU Summer Filmmaking Campus

"We started to develop curricula of this workshop seven years ago and its unique content brings us every year more and more talents applying thanks to word of mouth. I already know, that collaborative creative work of 16 people, often each of them coming from a different country, can intensely expose and provoke to growth hidden sides of skills and unique personal gifts on many levels – and it make me most happy and proud to lead this special course."


The program co-ordinator and teacher

"I see our Summer Campus as a comprehensive educational tool. The main focus is film but the overall idea is learning the skill of storytelling. To grasp the idea, work on it hard and be able to execute the story. It does not matter if the media is silent BW celluloid, still photographs, writing or – most importantly – a short movie. The student coming is not exactly the same person as the student leaving – the latter´s horizons are broader in many respects."


16 mm film "City Symphony" project mentor

"If this summer programme is to be the true initiation for students, it is impossible to omit working with the classic film material, as this tradition is still alive at FAMU. Over the course of several days, we will immerse ourselves intensively in a world without digital technologies where one´s decision cannot easily be reversed by clicking a button. It is important to focus on every single moment, whether it is loading the camera with the film reel, mixing the developing chemicals or cutting the one and only original film. This is the best way to practice intuition, which is something a true filmmaker cannot do without."