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Safe Proximity – The Middle Way Approach and Genuine Autonomy for Tibet (U1, 1st floor)

6. March 2019 14:00 -
6. March 2019 16:00

The motto of this year’s One World festival, “safe proximity,” calls attention to the growing inequality and lack of mutual understanding throughout society. This year, One World explores how people define themselves and their identity in today’s complex and divided world, and how close or far people really are or want to be from one another.

One subject that is closely related to the question of identity and that resonates within Czech society is Tibetan autonomy. Although the Czech government does not officially recognize Tibet, support for Tibet among the general public is much stronger than in surrounding countries. Why is this so? How to deal with the Tibetan question? Is it even possible? These questions and more will be addressed by President of the Central Tibetan Administration Lobsang Sangay, who has held the position of Sikyong – the highest political position of the Tibetan government-in-exile – since 2011. The creation of this position marks the first time in the history of Tibet that political and religious power have been separated. Sangay is a proponent of the “Middle Way Approach,” which is based on equality and dialogue between Tibet and China. His goal is a non-violent resolution of the Tibetan question.

The event is organized jointly by FAMU and One World festival.

Free entry.


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