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Vjera Borozan: Between inclusion and expansion

27. March 2019 19:00 -
27. March 2019 20:00

Discussions on decolonisation are again resonating in contemporary theory and artistic practice while we are at the same time experiencing a very significant debate across the whole of society concerning migration in the context of the so-called refugee crisis which is misused by political formations of all possible types, so that the issues of imagination and representation of the “Other” gain significance in all of its forms and spheres and require special attention. More so, as at the given political moment any construction or (re)production of otherness and cultural difference can easily be misused in the process of self-definition and identification of the Other as an Enemy. With this approach I would like to address the current crisis of postcolonial studies on the one hand and on the other hand- identity politics and its possible appropriations in new nationalisms emerging not just in post-communist countries but on a global scale.

Vjera Borozan is an art historian and curator based in Prague, currently working as director of the online platform for contemporary art Artyčok TV (since 2011). She graduated in art history and theory from the Philosophical Faculty of Charles University in Prague, and received her Ph.D. in 2011. She has lectured in contemporary art at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno, and lectures in contemporary art at the Academy of Arts, Design and Architecture in Prague (since 2009). She has served as director of the National museum of Montenegro (2017-2018) and collaborated with the initiative for contemporary art tranzit (2005-2011).


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