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Lucie Mičíková: River Deep Mountain High

10. April 2019 18:00 -
20. April 2019 18:00

Galerie PANEL, 11. 4. - 20. 4. 2019; opening 10. 4. 2019, 6pm

Lucie Mičíková

(*1986 Tábor, lives and works in Prague)

Lucie works with the artistic language of her own specific iconography ignoring the boundaries among painting, drawing and object. With the well thought-out constellations of the aforementioned, she creates astonishing space encounters whose the most important parameter is the time as a determining dimension. It mirrors in the collage of motifs and materials, which settle upon each other like time sediments of faded beauty – the one which resembles natural and physical phenomena and views through microscope. The artworks emerge from tireless concentrated effort, often inspired by literature combined with her own experience. By their means, she (not only metaphorically) deliberates on intersubjective relationships, on functioning of the human society and its possible (better) future. The artist’s individual feminine experience, however, never steps aside in favour of universal topics. In her universe, the mutual relationships, humanity, love but also tenderness hold the key position.


Galerie Panel

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