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EBSCO – Film & Television Literature Index™ with Full Text

EBSCO database access

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Database Info

The database contains the most extensive set of professional journals and popular-science magazines. It covers the areas of film and television theory, history, production, technical aspects, and reviews. It offers books and magazines in English, French, German, etc.

Search Tips

You can easily search by subject terms, authors, work titles, etc.

Searches can be specified by:

  • type of publication (academic journal, book, periodical, encyclopedia),
  • type of document (abstract, book chapter, case study, film criticism, interview, etc.),
  • publication date ...

You can also browse specific issues of journals and magazines. For instance, these periodicals are available:

  • American Cinematographer, 2005 to present,
  • Cahiers Du Cinema, 2003 to present, with selective coverage back to 1987,
  • Film Quarterly, 1990 to present, with selective coverage back to 1988,
  • Iluminace, 2010 to present,
  • JCMS: Journal of Cinema & Media Studies, 1971 to present,
  • Journal of Sreenwriting, 2010 to present,
  • Screen, 1971 to present,
  • Sight & Sound, 2005 to present,
  • Spectator, 1987 to present
  • and hundreds more.

Articles and other sources can be saved into a personal folder. It is possible to download, print, share etc.



Databases access

Collection Info

Three databases collection provides:

  • detailed films information
  • film industry personalities information
  • current publications related to film scholarship

Collection Overview

1. AFI Catalog (produced by the American Film Institute, AFI) is the US national filmography documenting the history of American cinema. Cataloguing currently covers the years 1893-1993 comprehensively, with additional records covering selected major films since 1994. The Film Records contain synopsis, cast and crew information, production details, list of references etc. Film Record example (PDF)

2. Film Index International (produced by the British Film Institute, BFI) focuses on entertainment films and personalities from over 170 countries. The Film records contain detailed film information including searchable plot summaries, full cast and crew lists, year of release and production information. Credits, awards and a synopsis are also included.

3. International Index to Film Periodicals Database is brought together by the International Federation of Film Archives (FIAF). It contains over 800,000 article citations from more than 345 periodicals, dating from 1972 onward. Over 70 journals are available in full text. The selected FIAF journals not included in EBSCO database: Film, Fashion & Consumption, Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television, Literature/Film Quarterly and many others. The FIAF journal list (XLS). FIAF and EBSCO databases complement each other. There are some journals in both of them but with different coverage of volumes or issues.

Search Tips

It is possible to search all the databases at the same time or choose the specific catalog and limit searching either for journal articles (FIAF) or films (AFI Catalog for American movies, Film Index International for films from other countries).

Articles and other sources can be saved into a personal folder. It is possible to print, send etc.


Oxford Bibliographies – Cinema and Media Studies 

Cinema and media studies includes a vast range of subfields: film history, media studies, critical theory, visual arts, cultural studies, digital culture, game studies or popular culture. Oxford Bibliographies (Cinema and Media Studies) offers an overview of the most important books, articles and websites, compiled by renowned experts in each field. The records contain bibliographic data, annotation and commentary.  We recommend the database primarily as an essential resource of information on both study and research materials.
You can access either directly from the AMU network or by logging in via your Institution (Sign in via your Institution and select Academy of Performing Arts in Prague).


The database includes, among other things, interviews with key figures in performance history and contemporary practice, masterclasses with specialist performance trainers from around the world, it also contains recordings of contemporary productions, etc. For more information, see the web site.

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Access from the computers outside AMU


A digital library that makes accessible professional and scientific journals, books and grey literature from Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. It's  focused on the humanities and social sciences. Czech and Slovak publishers are also represented. Selected magazines from Western countries (Germany, France, Great Britain, etc.) focusing on the Central and Eastern European region are also disposal.


JSTOR - Arts & Sciences III Access from AMU
JSTOR - Arts & Sciences III Access from computers outside AMU
JSTOR - Arts & Sciences III About the Database


VOD streaming services


An international online distribution platform for documentary and experimental films focusing on European cinema. We regularly issue sign-up calls – please, follow the news on our library website, facebook and your mailbox!
Current subscription is valid until 30 June 2022. Next sign-up call is expected in September.

Free Online Resources

FAMU Library Catalog

There are student films only in the public online catalog. For searching all films the library offers, login to the non-public catalogsee the easy 3 steps manual.

Theses Online Archive (AMU DSpace)

  • Theses defended after 2006: The full texts of theses are made accessible in DSpace after login with standard AMU credentials.
  • Theses defended before 2006: The full texts of theses are made accessible for on-site reading only in the FAMU Library on selected PCs.
  • There are also printed bachelor's and master's scenarios in the FAMU Library. They are accesible for on-site reading and you can find them in the Library Catalog.

Libraries Online

Open Research Library A multidisciplinary full-text digital library with more than 14.000 books from Bloomsbury, Routledge, The MIT Press etc.
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Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB) A multidisciplinary database with more than 47.000 books available for download.
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Theses Archives Online

DART-Europe E-theses Portal Digital library of theses from European universities.
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Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD) Distributed digital library of theses from around the world.
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Art Online

abART All about Czech and Slovak visual arts. Persons, institutions, exhibitions, documents: books, magazines, reviews, photos etc.