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AMU Project Competition

The AMU project competition is a competition for the distribution and use of institutional support for the long-term conceptual development of a research organization ("IP DKR"), which is provided to the Academy of Performing Arts by the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports.

The amount of support for the development of a research organization for the relevant calendar year (see http://www.msmt.cz/vyzkum-a-vyvoj/instirucionalni-podpora-na-rozvoj-vyzkumne-organizace) was determined in accordance with Section 7, Paragraph 6 of the Act on support for research, experimental development and innovation based on the evaluation of its results so that its share in the total amount of institutional support for research organizations from the state budget in a given year corresponds to its share in the value of all research organizations achieved in the past 5 years according to the evaluation carried out annually by the Research, Development and Innovation Council.

These funds are further redistributed at AMU on the basis of the Project Competition so that support is concentrated as much as possible on workplaces and researchers with the best research potential and leads to improved quality of scientific and research activities of AMU and consequently an increase in this type of financial support.