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The Best FAMU Thesis/Dissertation Award

The Best FAMU Thesis/Dissertation Award


Intended for:

- graduating master’s and doctoral students; nominations for the awards are to be submitted by their thesis supervisors and/or tutors (including external) after a successful defence of the thesis/dissertation as part of the state final exam

Purpose of the support:

- The purpose of the award, bestowed since 2020, is to motivate students in writing their theses or dissertations, as well as to increase the exposure and knowledge of excellent theoretical theses among other students and teachers of FAMU as well as among experts and the general public.

- The author of the winning FAMU theoretical diploma or dissertation thesis defended during the 2021/22 school year (i.e. between 1 October 2021 and 30 September 2022) will receive an award in November 2022 including a financial reward of CZK 15,000.

Nomination for the award and the decision-making process:

- Nominations are submitted by thesis supervisors (including external) or, with doctoral students, by the student’s tutor, following a successful defence of the thesis during a state final exam.

- The nomination must contain:

  • The student’s name and contact e-mail address;
  • A .pdf file attachment with the thesis/dissertation

- The nominations must be submitted to helena.bendova@famu.cz by 5 October 2022

- The award-winning text will be chosen by an expert panel involving Helena Bendová (Vice-Dean of FAMU for R&D), David Čeněk (Vice-Dean of FAMU for International Affairs) and Martin Šrajer (critic and editor of Film a doba and Filmový přehled)