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The Register of Art Output (RUV) was established to support the registration and evaluation of creative artistic work output on a country-wide scale. The application will allow entering and editing of records on art work, support the process of certification of the works and facilitate communication between the parties involved in the process, including the registration of related documents. The application will ultimately lead to the calculation of points per output and export thereof for the sake of forwarding to the Ministry.

Access to RUV


Collection of data at FAMU for the Register of Art Output takes place from January 6 till January 31, 2020 (incl.).
Please submit the materials at the relevant Department Offices.

Please follow the deadlines for art work submission as stipulated by the Dean! 

For AUDIOVISION,  submit the data by Friday, January 31, 2020 (incl.) at the latest  - contact Petr Vlček (petr.vlcek@famu.cz)

For VISUAL ART, submit the data by Sunday, January 19, 2020 (incl.) at the latest  – contact Barbora Stejskalová (barbora.stejskalova@famu.cz)

An art output item is understood to mean a creative work or art performance of a member of the FAMU academic community made available to the public in 2019 (not the year when the work was produced). Art work is registered in the following segments: Audiovision, Stage Art, Visual Art, Music, Literature, Architecture and Design.


The following information is needed to enter a piece of artwork in RUV:

  • Essential Information: the author and co-authors (e.g. a tandem of directors), official Czech name of the work, type of activity (directing, production etc.) and, primarily, the date of first screening (world premiere, opening night etc.)!
  • Subsequent screenings (TV, festivals, distribution) and awards (festivals, film awards, reviews etc.) suffice to the number of max. 5 + 5; however, a specific date and link (see below) must be provided in the order from the most to the less important.  
  • All screenings and awards must be proved, ideally by a working link to the website of a distributor, TV or festival, or by a scanned copy of the program etc.  
  • Annotation which should concern the content of the work as well as a description of the work performed (e.g. directing a documentary involving an observational documentary method) and keywords.
  • Annotation and keywords in English only in cases where the work or performance has an international scope (screening at international festivals, distribution abroad etc.)
  • Activities which are not expressly listed for the works (e.g. production, dramaturgy, editing) must be evidenced either by final credits or other methods to make the author´s actual involvement obvious.

Data collection may use the internal FAMU form (the first sheet is blank for the sake of further copying; the next sheet is the specimen while the following sheets should be filled in): HERE.  

Each of the FAMU academic community members has access to RUV and may enter his/her own art output. If you wish to enter your own work yourself, please contact the FAMU Methodologist  (see below for contact information).

For more information on RUV, please check Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports website  which offers also the manuals for individual segments:

Or contact
Mgr. Petr Vlček
RUV Methodologist

+420 604 31 55 37