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Institutional programs (Internal Competiton)

In accordance with the publication of the Ministry of Education Institutional Programme for Higher Educational Institutions for the years 2019 and 2020 and Rector’s Decree No. 11/2018 (Rules of AMU Internal Competition), laying down the principles for distributing funds under the relevant part of the Institutional Plan (the “IP”), the Dean of FAMU hereby publishes the terms and conditions of the FAMU Internal Competition as part of the IP AMU for the year 2019, Scope 2 – “Students’ Creative Work Aiming at Innovation of Educational Activity” and its rules for the distribution of funds at the Film and TV School of AMU.

FAMU Internal Competition – Scope 2 has two theme subdivisions:

Scope 2.1 (audiovisual)_Spring

Scope 2.2 (decorative art)

Who FAMU Internal Competition - Scope 2 is intended for:

All FAMU students in Czech accredited programmes (CAS, KAT, KDT, KF, KK,  KP, KR, KSD, KSS, KZT) and also all FAMU students of accredited programmes in foreign languages.

Grant applicants are FAMU students who, at the time of submission and during the planned execution period of the project, are students with the following status: studying, individual programme (first year / second year) and waiting for the state final exam – those who are waiting shall apply primarily for internal funding (Scope 2.1.). Applications cannot be submitted by students when their studies are interrupted or students planning a study stay, exchange visit etc. during the execution period.

Scope 2.1 (audiovisual)_Autumn