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Practical information

- Since 14 October 2020, according to a government regulation, university dormitories, youth homes and boarding schools have been banned from accommodating those students and pupils, who have other residence in the Czech Republic. 

- Exceptions:

- If the university dormitory is a residence for a student according to the provisions of Section 80, Paragraph 1 of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., The Civil Code, as amended, and the student proves this fact by a declaration to the university, he/she may remain accommodated in the dormitories. Residence is considered to be the place where a person stays with the intention of living there, subject to a change of circumstances permanently. 
- If students who have an employment relationship with a university at the same time are accommodated in the dormitories (for example, some doctoral students), they may remain accommodated in the dormitories for the purpose of performing work.
- Exceptions are also those for whom the government has imposed work duties. The work obligation applies to students of selected years of medical faculties, pharmacy, dentistry and higher vocational and secondary medical schools.
- Exceptions are also students performing pedagogical practical teaching and practice in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools.

- However, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports recommends, if possible, returning home and reducing your social contacts. If some students are concerned about returning home due to the possibility of infecting members of their household, the Ministry of Health offers the opportunity to immediately test such students for covid-19 through mobile sampling teams. If a student is tested for covid-19 and / or awaits the results of these tests, we assume that he/she will remain on campus until the test result is obtained. In case of a positive test result, the student remains in quarantine / isolation on campus. For further information and to report on the number of students, you can contact the Central Management Team covid-19 e-mail: crtops@army.cz

- UPDATE - IMPORTANT: If students have serious reasons (if you or your family is quarantined, you work on ensuring the operation of the school during the state of emergency or you volunteer) or if the Dormitory is your residence (under the provision of Section 80(1) of Act No. 89/2012, the Civil Code), you are allowed to stay in the Dormitory in accordance with a notice from the Ministry of Education dated 13 October 2020. If a student decides to stay in AMU Dormitory, they are required to submit a declaration describing the serious reasons on their side or a declaration stating that they consider the Dormitory their residence, that is, a place where they stay intending to live there permanently, subject to a change in circumstances. The above declaration must be submitted to the AMU Dormitory at Hradební 7 (or in electronic form to the address of the Director, Mr František Petlach frantisek.petlach@amu.cz by 15 October 2020, 6:00 pm).

The refurbished dormitory at Hradební no. 7 (also known as Dr. Ivan Sekanina Dormitory) is located in the historic centre of Prague and offers out-of-Prague students of all three faculties a total of 71 rooms with 129 beds.  All rooms have modern furnishings and operate as double or triple apartments with en-suite bathrooms. The rooms have acoustic insulation and connection to AMU Internet. The basement offers facility rooms (laundry), practice rooms with instruments (pianos, upright pianos, cembalo, harp, organ) not only for musicians; the attic provides work studios for set designers and a computer room is located on the ground floor. The dormitory also has a double apartment with wheelchair access. Elevators and fully equipped kitchenettes on all floors do not even need to be mentioned. Accommodation for individuals or groups can also be arranged for the summer (July to September).  

The accommodation prices are stipulated by Addendum 1 to Rector´s Degree no. 8/2012. New accommodation prices as stipulated by Rector´s Degree no. 2/2018 come into force with effect from June 29, 2018.
Please discuss any requests for accommodation with the Registrar´s Office of your faculty.

Accommodation Contract

The terms and conditions for moving in the Hradební Dormitory for academic year 2018/19

• The move-in dates for the Hradební dormitory are Saturday, September 29, 2018 and Sunday, September 30, 2018; the final date for move-in is Friday, October 5, 2018.

• The students who have been granted dormitory accommodation are obliged to pay the reservation fee of CZK 2,000 to AMU account no. 43-845870227/0100 by September 7, 2018. Please enter your birth date in the DDMMYY format as the variable symbol, and HRA NAME SURNAME as the message to the recipient.

• The amount of the deposit the student is obliged to make on the move-in date when signing the Accommodation Contract will subsequently be reduced by the reservation fee amount.

• If a student who has duly paid the reservation fee fails to move in by the stipulated dates, the reservation fee is forfeited in favour of AMU.  

• If the reservation fee has not been paid by the stipulated date, i.e. by September 7, 2018, the student is no longer entitled to claim accommodation at Hradební Dormitory. 

• Any vacant rooms will be offered to Erasmus students at the individual faculties through the Erasmus coordinators, and then possibly to other university students who have requested dormitory accommodation and who promptly pay the reservation fee. In the case of a failure to move in, the reservation fee shall be forfeited in favour of AMU.  

• Early move-ins to Hradební Dormitory prior to the dates as indicated above are possible upon prior written/e-mail/arrangement with the Dormitory Manager – ing. František Petlach (e-mail: frantisek.petlach@amu.cz)

• Accommodation for AMU students within the framework of “summer operation 2018” (during school holidays) is only possible upon prior written/e-mail/ arrangement with the Dormitory Manager.

Access to individual dormitory accounts:

You can check your Hradební Dormutory account here

We will be happy to provide accommodation in the summer, from July 7 to September 25, and offer the option of breakfast or half-board in the nearby restaurant Haštalský dědek, (150 metres from the AMU Dormitory).

Accommodation Bookings:
tel.: +420 234 244 581
e-mail: ubytovani.kolej@amu.cz
e-mail: frantisek.petlach@amu.cz